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At von Herretts Fire we strive to provide you with the finest quality working dogs available. We maintain a small, select number of breeding dogs that have proven themselves either on the sport field or in real life work. Our dogs have been chosen as a result of their superior temperament, working ability, pedigree, and structure. To view our breeding dogs please click here.

We offer a variety of trained dogs for you to consider. If you do not see a dog that interests you, please call us at (831)840-1415 to discuss your needs so that we can find a dog that fits.

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Diego-Armando von der Roggenstraße

Diego has an outsanding temperament both on and off the field. He has a SchH 3, having competed at the national level, and OFA “good” hips and elbows. He has a very clear mind and temperament. And, has power in all three phases of work, repeatedly receiving 100 points in all three. Diego is available as stud dog to approved bitches. He has thrown has thrown his temperament and workability. Diego is a remarkable dog.


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“Ingo” Lobo von Herretts FireDSC_0117 IPO 2

Home grown from “Carla” Taidy von Karthago and Diego von der Roggenstraße (see above), Ingo is 2 years old, has his ScH1 and is ready for his ScH2 in June. He has excellent grips, temperament and exceptional scenting ability. He is in training for national level competition and will be a formidable dog to beat. Watch for him at the 2014 Nationals.


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Otto von Herretts FireOtto serious

Otto is a year-old pup out of our own ZB: V Foxi vom Gleisdreieck SchH1 and Frits Haus von Freyberg SchH3, VH3, IPO3 WUSV Team alternate – HOLLAND. He is already showing incredible power in protection and we are looking forward to seeing great things from him.









Ello von Herretts Firek9 training

Ello is a medium/large, powerful, sable male with outstanding temperament both on and off the field. He is a dog that must be seen to be truly appreciated. Ello is exremely strong in all three phases. He has an impressive list of accomplishments that include 2007 H.O.T SchH3 Champion, 2007 WUSV World Team Member, and 2007 USA SchH3 National Competitor (5th place).

Ello has been handler, owner, bred and trained to all of his titles and accomplishments. Ello’s hips are OFA excellent/elbows normal.

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Jay von Herretts Fire

Look for this powerhouse on the Schutzhund Field in 2011…

By SG Quinn vom Lippetal SchH3, Kkl1 and Pele von Sontausen SchH1, AD…

OFA Prelims good/elbows normal

DOB: 5/27/2009

JAY WAS SOLD (And, he recently got his ScchH1. Congrats to Jay and his handler!)

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Lady von Herretts Fire SchH3

Lady IPO 3Lady has completed her SchH3. She is strong in all three phases. Lady is a rare female, as she brings exceptional power and speed in the bite work, with absolutely crushing grips. Lady is sired by our very own Ello von Herretts Fire.

Lady’s hips are OFA good/elbows normal.

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Video of Lady training for her SchH1.
Video courtesy of 11 year old Audrey Temmermand


ZB: V Foxi vom Gleisdreieck SchH1


Foxi is the newest edition to our breeding program. She came to us pregnant about a year ago, and we are enjoying watching her pups (including Otto von Herretts Fire) grow up and develop into powerful dogs. She has a litter due any day now with our own Diego-Armando von der Roggenstraße and SG Finn vom Metterursprung IPO3, Canadian National Champion 2013 and Canadian World Team member 2013. The pups will be DNA tested.

-They were born this morning, 5/16/14! A litter of sables, 5 males and 3 females.

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“Carla” Taidy von Karthago

IMG_6638Carla is a beautiful female with high drive and an eagerness to please. She comes from the famous, German working kennel Karthago. She has proven, once again, she can reproduce her excellent drives and disposition. She produces dogs that will always work hard for you, and they will do it with style. Carla has another litter due this summer with one of our sires, Diego-Armando von der Roggenstraße. Watch for their son “Ingo” Lobo von Herretts Fire at this year’s Nationals.

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Pele von Sontausen SchH1, AD OFA Good/Elbows Normal

Pele has exceptional working ability, that can come home and relax in the house. She is a natural tracker with cross training in disaster work. Her obedience is powerful, willing and focused. Her protection work is always pronounced.

Pele is a nice representative of her world class pedigree. She is friendly with people and well behaved with other dogs and animals. She has been a very good producer for us, as seen in her rising star “Jay von Herretts Fire”. Pele’s hips are OFA good/elbows normal

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Tanny SchH3, FEMA Certified Disaster Search Dog,Cross Trained Bombs

TANNY PASSED, but we are leaving her on the page since she was such a HUGE part of the K9 Ambassador family.

Tanny is enjoying retirement hanging around the house, but at 12 years of age, she likes to show that she’s still got it.