K9 Ambassador Obedience

Class 1 – Beginning Obedience

This class is for those who are ready to start with the on leash basics. Your puppy/dog has probably gotten used to wearing a collar and leash, but maybe doesn’t know any commands yet. We will show you how to start sit, stay, come and heel with your dog. This group setting is an great opportunity for your puppy to learn acceptable social skills.

Class 2 – Intermediate Obedience

This class is designed as a follow up to our beginning obedience class. In this class you will work with your dog to reinforce the basic obedience foundation and leash manners. Special attention will be given to the “come” command for all situations, and emergency commands will be introduced. We will test and troubleshoot extended stays and formal heeling and work on confidence building exercises.

Class 3 – Advanced Obedience

Because not everyone has the time or desire to train their own dog, we offer in kennel training for all levels. Due to the consistency with which we teach your dog while he is here, the learning curve can be much shorter than if you were to do it yourself. We use only humane training methods to motivate your dog. While staying with us, your dog will receive the same quality care we give our own dogs. When you come to pick up your dog, we show you how to maintain the training he has received.

Group classes are currently held at our kennel facility in Hollister, California

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