Boarding and training all breeds of dogs with the same love and care they get at home.

  • Long and Short Term Boarding
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Bathing facilities on site
  • In Kennel Training
  • Dog Socialization and Play
  • Boarding starts at $40 per day

K9 Ambassador registers the dogs that we breed under our kennel name, which is “Von Herretts Fire”. We strive to provide you with the finest quality working dogs available. We maintain a small, select number of breeding dogs that have proven themselves either on the sport field or in real life work. Our dogs have been chosen as a result of their superior temperament, working ability, pedigree, and structure.




At K9 Ambassador we have a very strong belief in producing quality over quantity. Our litters of puppies live with us day to day rather than being kenneled. This allows us to get to know the individual personality and nuances of every dog that we produce. We take painstaking care to make sure that each dog gets the attention that it needs to become a healthy dog with a solid temperament and is prepared for whatever it faces in life. The only way this is possible is to produce a few litters per year, and take a very personal interest in each and every puppy that we have.

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We offer boarding at our country facility just five minutes from downtown Hollister.

When you leave your dog with us, you can be confident that he is in caring, skilled hands. Our staff has been selected for their love of dogs and trained to provide the highest level of care.

We are equipped to handle any size or temperament dog, from sport and working dogs to small house pets.

Our facilities provide the very best housing in the area.  Each dog has its own kennel run as well as human interaction every day. For social dogs, we offer play time with other social dogs.  For those dogs that aren’t as social, we provide individual exercise time so that the dog can stretch and relax daily.


The kennels are housed in a larger fenced area where the dogs can run and play and swim. At night, they sleep in climate-controlled crates or kennels.

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Additional Services are offered to make your dog’s stay a truly comfortable experience:

  • Walks
  • Social time with other dogs and staff
  • Field trips
  • Home cooked meals
  • A variety of dog treats




If you do not have the time or the skill we offer a service in which we house and train your dog and we teach you how to handle the dog after it has been trained.



We offer day another program where you drop off your pet in the morning and we work with them doing training during the day, and then you pick them up in the evening.

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We offer Weekly and Monthly programs, and no matter what you and your dog need, we will customize our program to meet your needs and ensure you and the dog are happy with the results.