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Unlike many kennels, we have one litter at a time. So, our puppies get a lot of one-on-one attention, interaction, and love. When you take your puppy home, it has already started on the path of training and socialization.





Puppy Training & Socialization

At K9 Ambassador we breed world class, working-line German Shepherds. They are bred to be physically and temperamentally sound. Our breeding dogs are rigorously vetted both physically and mentally.  We have developed our breeding program over decades and believe deeply in the philosophy of quality not quantity.

lap full of puppies

With this philosophy in mind, we generally have about 1–2 litters a year. These puppies are hand raised in our small, family-owned facility. They are all socialized with cats, kids and livestock as well as with numerous other dogs to ensure well-rounded puppies. Each puppy is individually temperament tested and placed accordingly, whether that is in someone’s home or in a working environment.

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Our breeding dogs have OFA hips/elbows (click here to learn more), have passed temperament tests to European standards, and have been family raised so we intimately know each and every dog. Between our high-quality breeding dogs and the manner in which we raise our litters, we have been able to provide dogs to work as a service dogs, and provide families with exceptional companions. We have also produced some of the best family-protection and Sporting dogs in Central California, and we take great pride in this.


ZB: V Foxi vom Gleisdreieck SchH 1 was bred to SG Finn vom Metterursprung IPO3 WUSV 2013 World team member & 2013 Canadian champion & our own Diego-Armando von der Roggenstraße.




This is a powerhouse litter. if you are looking for a high-level competition or working dog, look no further.

Foxi’s pups were born 5/16/14.

We have 2 females left. They both need working homes.


The pups are here! Foxi’s pups were born 5/16/14.

A litter of sables, 5 males and 3 females.

They will be DNA tested shortly.


“Carla” Taidy Von Karthago and Diego-Armando von der Roggenstraße SchH3

The pups are here! Carla’s pups were born 6/16/14.

4 males, 3 sable and 1 Bi-color


Lady IPO 3



Call us at (831)840-1415 to put a deposit down on a puppy.